The Perfect Pizza & Wings

The best pizza & wings begin with the best ingredients.

We create our pizzas with our special house-made pizza sauce, freshly sourced mozzarella, and St. Louis blend cheese, & offer hand-tossed, thin St. Louis Style, & gluten-free crust, giving the ability to satisfy every person’s palette.

Premium bone-in & boneless are our wings of choice. They deliver the best size and meat for a satisfying taste.

We combine high-quality ingredients with great value to deliver the perfect pair of pizza, wings, & other tasty things.

Crooked Feathers Quality

Crooked Feathers Places an Emphasis On Product Quality & Selection. We Are Committed To Offering A Wide Selection of Products to satisfy Anyone’s Pallet.

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Crooked Feathers Near You

Crooked Feathers has 2 locations covering the St. Charles County area.